Laura Mallard, Appalachian Geology's Geoscience Education liason, has been named one of the Remarkable Women in the High Country by the Watauga Democrat for her off-campus eco-education work with her company, River and Earth Adventures. Read more...
Art and geology students at Appalachian collaborate to sculpt Triassic aetosaur based on a handful of pre-historic bones unearthed in North Carolina under the guidance of Geology's Dr. Andy Heckert, Lauren Waterworth, and Art's Travis Donovan. read more...
What do Appalachian Geology faculty have in common with astronauts, mountain climbers, deep sea divers, and polar explorers?  We do research in places that can be really difficult to get to.  Associate Professor Sarah Carmichael has been named a Fellow of the Explorer's Club in regonition of her research in caves, on volcanoes, in remote deserts, and at the bottom of the ocean.   read more...
That is the question answered by members of the Geology Department.  Drs. Bill Anderson and Chuanhui Gu discuss the consequences of road salt on stream health, particularly in Boone Creek. read more...
Anthony's extensive work with meteorites is showcased in the Appalachian News!   read more...
“If you can see the rocks, you hire a geologist. If you can’t see the rocks, you hire a geophysicist.” Dr. Scott Marshall's work using GPS data to image faults in southern California is showcased in Appalachian Magazine.  Scott has recently been named a Faculty Member of Distinction at Appalachian for his work with the Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC).
Dr. Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce has been named one of the College of Arts and Science's outstanding educators - she is one of the 2016 Inductees into the Academy of Outstanding Teachers.  Many congratulations!
Appalachian Geology student John Granholm '17 has been named a runner up in the American Geophysical Union's Data Visualization Storytelling Competition for his work with virtual reality technology to better show tectonic plate movement through time.  Congratulations John! Read more about the contest here...
Congratulations to Appalachian Geology students Griffin Moyer '16, Gina Carney 16, and Olivia Paschall '18 who attended the ExxonMobil short course "Impacts of Geology on Oil Field Performance" at the University of Georgia.  Admittance to this short course is extremely competitive; only three students from selected universities can be appointed to participate.  If you see these three in the department, give them your congratulations!
Dr. Cynthia Liutkus-Pierce is in the news!  Appalachian has just showcased her work on the university homepage in response to the publication and viral response of her team's research on early human footprints at the Engare Sero footprint site in Tanzania recently published in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology.   National Geographic, the Washington Post, and many other news outlets have now published articles about this research which was done in...


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